Amaris app o/ spoilas ay
Name: Amaris Clade 
Age: 24
Gender/pronouns: Cisgender Female— she hasn’t really considered it further. She/Her are the only pronouns appropriate. 
Ethnicity: Mexican with a little extra mixed in. Though it’s not much.
Talent: Environmentalist. Amaris has been studying it since she was very young and might be somewhat obsessed. She is skilled enough to perform different tests on soil and water to test its qualities. 
Occupation: Amaris worked for a small business but had big plans to move to Japan to further her education. However this didn’t happen before despair. Currently unemployed but had various job options.
Orientation: Pansexual/romantic. She’s a fan of polyarmory  and has been in one poly relationship before. 
Kneejerk Reaction to “All Star”: Does not know the words, hates the song. Please put on spanish music, goodbye.
Short Personality Description: Amaris is a passionate girl. She is quite self-centered and tends to care less about others. She cares more about the world, the earth, than her friends and family. She can be rather grating to deal with because she’s generally not afraid to piss someone off. However she can be fun to be around because of her upbeat personality. 
Language: Spanish is her first language. She had to take English in high school, and she’s pretty good at it since she often reads in English. She knows latin terms for various things but doesn’t always geek out. She’s not afraid to curse. Actually, she’s been described by some to have a rather sour and abrasive attitude.
Drink/smoke: Does not smoke and despises anyone who does, but tends to be silent about it unless it’s right in her face. Or you litter. Amaris is not fond of alcohol but will drink it socially.
Weight: 140
Family: Has a mother and a father who are both in fairly good health. Her father tends to work himself to death, which allows their family to be on the richer end of the scale. She has no siblings.
Additional Info: 
Because of her talent, Amaris was invited to study in Japan right before despair hit. Amaris never got to Japan though. 
A skilled survivalist. Loves mountain climbing!
Bounces from being a bookworm to a sporty girl. She’s played tennis and done track before. She’s a fan of casual volleyball too.


Amaris app o/ spoilas ay

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Sprite… for lee….for hopesfoundation

Sprite… for lee….for hopesfoundation

Hey everyone, my girlfriend requires #surgery and after all the deductible she still needs 1000 dollars as a down payment. This is absolutely necessary because it affects her job which is her main source of income. About five of us are teaming up to take commissions to help her raise enough money. Sooo I’ll be taking commissions to help out! If you want to know more about what’s happening you can message groudonconfirmed (the gf) and ask her whats going on. I’d love a signal boost, and I use paypal (Mine is ) if you want to donate but please tell me who you are so I can at least doodle something >_>a… thanks! 

prices are debatable and my estimated prices are on the pictures, I also do nsfw. message for details. :3

Celestia for luccamajere

Celestia for luccamajere


progress shots of the switcharound meme, featuring shizukadoumeki's oc, Zumi!

Sketch: mystdreamer
Lines: shizukadoumeki
Flats: megabeartic
Shading: me

there’s a lot more pieces to this series, so go check out everyone’s blogs to see what we all made!! (・ω・)

so proud of the sketch but damn


a progress post for an art merry go round with a bunch of friends at hope’s foundation (which you guys should join bc. im there)

myst’s oc, lee!!

sketch by ace!

lines by sky!

flats by myst!

shading by ME, TRIN

check out the other pieces in the merry-go-round!! (to be edited as more are completed) * & *

god I love this

poisonskin ‘s DRHFG OC Yuuko progress! 

sketch by shizukadoumeki

lineart by megabeartic

flats by poisonskin

The very last one is mine